Brand Profile

The founders and Managing Directors of the Pink Ant brand are David Morales and Emma Wakelin. Premièring in 2006 and now in its tenth season, the brand is continually redrawing the fine line between illustrated art and fashion – infusing art into fashion and fashion into art

Intriguing fashionistas and delighting the world of illustrated art, Pink Ant Clothing fills the void in South African fashion created by aged-based brands of clothing. Prior to Pink Ant’s genesis, clothing brands targeted one specific age group, without any possibility of overlap. It was “either/or” instead of the divine “and”.

Pink Ant’s founding principle was the vision of offering women an idiosyncratic and unconventional look and style unconfined by any specific age, demographic or social-cultural influence. The colourful, printed and embroidered collections always celebrate the contemporary street-chic mood without excluding anyone.