Pink Ant's product offering started off as a few illustrated garments and has grown since into a wide range of female designer clothing and art works. The Pink Ant's current retail fashion product offering consists of a wide range of ready-to-wear women's wear that can be defined as feminine, eclectic, unique and joyful. This original blend caters for females seeking the benefits of comfort, quality and social recognition in the 18-28 age bracket. The illustrative art infused into the clothing is what makes this fashion brand easily differentiable. Each Pink Ant garment has a sense of personalized splendor.

With regards to media coverage Pink Ant clothing has previewed at various times in the following South African magazines: Elle, One Small Seed, Pursuit, Seventeen, House & Leisure, Salt Water Girl, Student Life and Glamour.

Pink Ant has also been involved with One Small Seed TV and the 2008 Design Indaba. Pink Ant has worked with City Varcity, aiding with their design student's projects  and thereby facilitating the students with advice and information on design and fashion. The Pink Ant website( previews and illustrates Pink Ant's unique brand personality and was created as a further avenue with which to market and communicate the Pink Ant concept and vision to consumers.