The Pink Ant Spring/Summer 2008 Range-Dirty Sensual Happiness- has been inspired by the present youth subculture called ‘Dirty Pop Couture’. This new sub-culture is moving away from the Gluro New Rave Trend (Neon) and moving towards a sensual combination between Pop Couture and Glitz & Goth (Dirty).


The Glitz and Goth trend has recently become tangible through the new ‘Dirty Techno’ music genre, the eternally nocturnal clothing styles, the minimalist art, the dirty/off color schemes and the androgynous look.


On the other hand, the pop couture is a young, fun, bold and color-fantastic new trend. An experience where colors collide and complement each other, shapes shift and the essence of the 60s and 70s is given a 2008 look.


The Pink Ant Spring/Summer 2008 Collection discovers and encapsulates this new trend of ‘Dirty Pop couture’ through its dirty and sensual but yet fun and youthful colors; its feminine fabrics but yet masculine styling; its intriguing minimalist embroideries; it’s constant clothing shape shifts; and its fast dirty electronic rhythm.